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Real-time Communication Between Ambulances and the Consultation Centre

The Electronic Medical Data Transmission System is the first innovation in Poland to respond to the ever-increasing shortage of doctors. It enables the proper use of emergency medicine doctors’ resources to support paramedics around the clock. The solution maximises the efficiency of rescue teams and visibly improves the effect of treating patients during rescue operations, without having to increase the number of employed doctors.

The system enables the doctor on duty at the Consultation Centre to receive real-time images, audio, medical data, and patient health parameters of generated by instruments such as:

  • defibrillator – ECG, pulse, blood pressure, O2 saturation, body temperature
  • electronic stethoscope – heart and lung function – graph and sound recording
  • emergency ultrasound
  • vital signs monitor
  • camera – visual state of the patient, view of injuries, contact with the patient
  • wireless headphones with bone conduction technology

The system has unlimited development possibilities.

Patient monitoring system – cardiac monitor

The system is based on sensors that enable real-time data transmission from sensors monitoring the patient’s vital signs and his/her presence within the system’s coverage area in the hospital building to a computer located in the nurse station. Thanks to this solution, the patient’s vital signs are monitored at all times, regardless of whether he or she is in the ward or in the treatment room.

Monitoring the health parameters of the supine patient – mat

Non-contact technology to monitor the patient’s health status as well as their presence in bed via a sensor placed under the mattress. The system informs the staff of critical health parameters and of the monitored person leaving the bed.

Unit Dose system with pneumatic transport

The automated hospital therapy preparation and distribution system is a modular and flexible system for managing unit doses in hospital pharmacies. The system dispenses medicines in personalised unit doses as well as identify and group prescribed medicines by patient name. It is designed to meet the real needs of hospitals and can be fully integrated into the hospital’s IT system. Transport from the hospital pharmacy to the wards can be by pneumatic mail or by handcarts or autonomous trolleys, depending on the hospital’s capabilities.

Safety and health lockers with access control

We supply wardrobe lockers for hospital staff, equipped with door opening control. The locker system allows integration with the hospital’s existing access control system and opening of the lockers with existing or proposed cards. The system offers tamper protection by means of a tamper line.

Telecare for seniors

We put patient health and comfort first. Our solutions provide support to medical facilities in caring for seniors and chronically ill patients whose condition requires frequent consultation and constant monitoring.

We have developed a system that is integrated with dedicated patient monitoring equipment so that all data is regularly and continually sent to the attending physician. In the event of a change in the patient’s results or deterioration in their condition, the doctor is able to respond quickly without the need to arrange an appointment.
This is an excellent solution at the present time. The patient remains under the care of specialists and treatment takes place at the patient’s home without exposing the patient to viral infection.  The patient remains at home, an environment familiar to him or her, without having to leave the company of loved ones.

Depending on the needs of the facility, we select the appropriate equipment and tailor the system so that it is easy to use, both for the doctors and the patients themselves. All monitoring devices are tailored to ensure that the patient does not feel uncomfortable and can easily consult with their attending physician.

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